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Passengers arriving at and departing from Genova Airport have a choice of domestic and international routes offered by well-known airlines like Air France, Air Italy, Alitalia, British Airways, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines or Vueling.

Genova Airport serves as a transportation hub for the Italian Liguria region and is located a mere 7.2 km from Genova city centre. Passengers can fly to domestic destinations like Bari, Cagliari, Rome, Catani or Napoli or fly to cities like Istanbul, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Paris or to Monaco. The airport operates a summer and a winter time table, which is published on the official airport website. The official IATA code for Genova Airport is GOA.

Passenger can drop off their hire cars a number of car hire stations serviced by staff working for Avis, Maggiore, Hertz, Europcar, Auto Europa, E-Sixt, Easycar Italia and Travelcar.

Genova Airport parking is within a short walking distance of the terminal building. Generally speaking, parking is free of charge for the first 30 minutes in the short-term car park (P3), thereafter drivers must pay €1.00 for the first hour, and the next 60 minutes or part thereof will be charged at €2.50. Long and short term parking at Genova Airport can be booked in advance via the airport’s website.

The central car parking area P1 offers space for 700 vehicles, while the short term car parking area has space for 70 cars. Genoa Airport parking has space for 202 long-term parking requirements (P2). The disabled car park is directly opposite the terminal building within the shortest distance from all passenger services.

There are 15 spaces available for short term parking outside the departures area, where passengers must pay €2 for the first hour with the following hours not exceeding 3 hours being charged at the same rate. The parking fee must be paid to the machines located just opposite this area.

In the central parking area the fee payable is €8.00 for the first 4 hours, €16 for 8 hours, €20 for up to 12 hours and €22 being charged for up to 24 hours of parking, after which the charge is €5.50 for 6 hours or part thereof.

Genoa Airport parking in the long-term facility costs €50 for up to 5 days of parking, from the 6th day onwards parking is charged at €6.00 per day or part thereof.

Parking fees are paid via several automated ticket machines within the parking areas, but there is also a manned operator pay station. This station is located near the taxi rank and is manned from 4.00 pm to 12.00 pm every day. There are only two automated points in the arrivals hall that take credit card payments, the others take cash payments.

Debit cards for parking can be bought from the staffed pay point and the denominations available are for €25.00, €50.00 and €100.00, which is particularly practical for frequent flyers, who don’t want to bother with finding cash for the machines each time or queue at the operator pay station.

Passengers will find a bank within the terminal building, where they can withdraw cash over the counter or use the ATMs. The bank offers also a currency exchange desk in the terminal, which is manned from Mondays to Fridays from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, and on Saturdays from 8.00 am to 1.20 pm.

Genova Airport parking can be pre-arranged by either telephoning +39 010 601 5273 or faxing to +39 010 601 5351 or by emailing to

For further information about long- and short term parking at Genoa Airport, please visit the official airport website at

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