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Genoa Airport is located a mere 7.2 km from the city centre. Passengers arriving at Genoa Airport will find the taxi rank just outside the terminal building.

Within the arrivals hall there is a tourist information stand and here passengers can make enquiries as to how much a taxi journey would cost to their chosen destination. It is always advisable to discuss the taxi fare prior to commencing the journey, as it avoids the possibility of disputes upon arrival at the end of the taxi ride.

Genova Airport taxis are available from just outside the arrivals area. The majority of taxis are either white or yellow with the name of the company and their contact details clearly displayed on the sides of the vehicle. Some of the official Genoa Airport taxis are operated by Solotaxi (, tel +39 010 5966), Autonoleggio Serra Riccò (, mobile +39 3358 438531) and Pronto Taxi RS Autonoleggio (,, mobile +39 33116 78040) to name but a few.

It is a good idea before arriving at an unfamiliar airport to have a look at the airport’s official website, as often one will find the name of one or more official taxi firms on such websites. Within all airports around the world there are always some unlicensed, sometimes illegal, taxi operators cruising around for business and claiming to charge far less than other, official taxi operators.

A legally operating taxi business has no need to “tout” for business in this way and visitors should only use the official white or yellow Genoa Airport taxis at the taxi rank. Official taxis will always carry a “TAXI” sign on their roof and they will have their registration number printed on the side of the vehicle. The driver will typically have an identification card with the name of the company he/she works for, their registration number, his/her own name and his/her photograph and the meter will be clearly visible in the front of the vehicle.

The above taxi services also provide a car and driver for longer journeys for visitors, who prefer not to hire a self-drive car from one of the car rental counters in the arrivals hall. Although there is an excellent bus service from the airport to the city centre and the train stations and this form of public transport is considerably cheaper than travelling by taxi, a trip by Genova Airport taxi is quicker and means that one doesn’t have to worry carrying one’s luggage from the bus stop to the hotel or getting lost in a maze of unfamiliar streets, before finding the hotel.

The fare charged for short journeys will be charged per mile/kilometre travelled. The meter should be switched on and in working condition, clearly displaying the rate per mile/kilometre being charged and the total fare the journey comes to at the end. Aside from the distance travelled there may be other charges, like surcharges for travelling on a Saturday or Sunday or a public holiday for example. There may also be surcharges for the pieces of luggage the passenger travellers with and whether or not the driver will have to help passengers carry the luggage at the end of the journey (into a hotel reception for example). This is why it is important to ascertain how much the fare will be for your total journey at the beginning of the trip.

Hiring taxis Genova Airport for longer journeys to explore the Liguria region is also possible at the airport, but it is probably best to arrange this prior to arrival via the companies’ websites or by telephone. A rate per day can be negotiated and may sometimes work out cheaper than travelling by train and bus, especially when travelling as a group of three or four adults.

For further information about taxis Genoa Airport, please visit the official airport website at

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