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Hertz car hire Genoa Airport is located in Via Pionieri de Aviatori d’Italia at Cristoforo Colombo Airport. The office hours are daily from 08.00 hours to 23.00 hours.

Customers wishing to book child seats or the Hertz NeverLost in-car navigation system can do so at this station and they can also rent trucks or vans, if their visit to Genoa is going to be a permanent relocation that requires a house move. The station also operates the Gold Counter Service, a system that gives priority to customers who have a Gold Loyalty Card, and customers arriving in winter can hire ski equipped vehicles from this station.

Bookings should preferably be made in advance to avoid disappointment on the day, especially during the busy summer months, when car rental companies can struggle to meet demand. Booking online is quick, convenient and easy, and Hertz Genova Airport can be contacted via their websites at or by telephoning the station directly on tel +39 010 651 2422 or by booking in a customer’s country of origin at site addresses like or for example.

The Hertz Genoa Airport rental fleet is divided into several categories. The Green Collection encompasses vehicles that have environmentally friendly credentials, while the Fun Collection aims at motorists who are looking for a wonderful driving experience during their stay rather than concern themselves with how many passengers the car can seat or how much room there is in the boot.

The Standard and Estate, 4x4/SUV and Minivan as well as the Commercial Truck and the Prestige Collections are probably the most frequently used car hire categories for people travelling to Genoa on a holiday, on business or for the purpose of relocation.

In the Standard category Hertz Genoa Airport has vehicles like the Lancia Ypsilon, the Fiat Panda, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Subaru Legacy and Mercedes Benz C220 to offer. These cars seat between 4 and 5 passengers, can have 4 to 5 doors and there is a choice between manual and automatic transmission. Some vehicles may have diesel, others will have regular petrol engines.

The green collection consists of easy to drive, small cars that are environmentally friendly with regard to CO2 emissions and have low fuel consumption. Their smallness makes them ideal for city driving, where car parking space comes at a premium. Hertz car hire Genova Airport can offer the Smart Passion 0.7, the Fiat 500 1.2 Sport/Lounge, the Nissan Note, the Mercedes A160 and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta in this category.

Driving along the Mediterranean coast and seeing the Gulf of Paradiso in all its azure splendour is a wonderful experience. The Hertz Genoa Airport fun collection supplies customers with vehicles like the Peugeot 207 convertible, the Peugeot 308 convertible, the Mazda MX5 Roadster, the Volvo XC60, the Mercedes SLK200 Kompressor convertible, the elegant Infiniti EX and the sporty Lotus Evora.

Families need space for passengers as well as plenty of room for luggage and estate wagons are always a popular choice. Here the Hertz collection has the Ford Fiesta, the Ford Mondeo and the Ford Mondeo Ghia station wagons to offer. For even more space customers should look to hire either the Ford Galaxy or the Ford Transit Combi 300S. The former can seat up to 7 passengers, has room for 1 large suitcase and 2 smaller items of luggage, has air-conditioning and comes with a manual transmission. The Ford Transit Combi has room for up to 9 passengers, 1 large suitcase and 2 smaller pieces of luggage, has also a manual transmission and air-conditioning to offer.

Hertz car hire Genoa Airport has also a large selection of Prestige Vehicles for customers who are perhaps coming to Genoa on business or who’d like to treat themselves to a very different driving experience during their holiday. The Mercedes C220, Mercedes Viano, Mercedes E200, Mercedes E220 convertible, Mercedes SL350 3.5 and Mercedes S320 3.2 are fast, comfortable and elegant cars that can seat up to 5 passengers, or, in the case of the Viano, up to 8 people. These cars have either manual or automatic transmissions, offer air-conditioning and can take large amounts of luggage.

For more information about hiring a vehicle from Hertz car hire Genova Airport, please visit the company’s official website, as per the links given above.

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