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Aquarium in Genoa as 3rd Most Popular Tourist Attraction

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Aquarium in Genoa as 3rd Most Popular Tourist Attraction
Mar 01, 2012

Some passengers landing at Genoa Airport might have a to do list ready for all the sightseeing they wish to do in the city, but more often than not tourists simply buy a guide book and rely on “how they feel on the day”, when it comes to seeing the main attractions.

Genoa’s aquarium received the thumbs up from visitors who voted the watery attraction as number three on their top ten attractions list with The popular travel review website is the largest in the world and every month some 50 million travel enthusiasts turn to the website to consult its reviews on anything from hotel accommodation, bus links and tourist attractions.

Ranking just behind Disneyland, Genoa’s aquarium offers visitors a chance to see more than 400 species displayed in specially constructed water tanks that are meant to resemble the aquatic occupants’ natural habitats as closely as possible. There are more than 70 such tanks, occupied by more than 12,000 marine creatures.

The Italian Riviera is a popular tourist destination, offering in effect a “two centre” holiday with car rental, excellent train connections and long distance coach services allowing visitors to also explore the French Riviera during that same trip.

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