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There is much to see in Italy’s Liguria region and a drive along the roads lining the Gulf of Paradiso in the summer offers spectacular views over the natural harbour and the Mediterranean Sea.

The car rental stations at Genova Airport are conveniently situated in the arrivals hall of the terminal building, just behind the tourist information stand. Passengers have a choice of some 8 or more car hire companies, representing a vast fleet of rental vehicles and a network of rental stations in the city centre as well as in other cities in Italy.

It is advisable to pre-book the car of one’s choice, especially during the busy summer months, when car rental companies are often feeling the strain. To book a car with Sixt car hire Genoa Airport, customers should visit the company’s website at Sixt (E-Sixt), or or telephone on +39 010 651 2111.

The choice of vehicles starts with the smallest, the Smart For Two with unlimited free mileage included for around £33.95 per day. The Fiat 500 is a slightly larger car and again the deal with unlimited free mileage is just £35.63 per day for a car that is economical to run and easy to drive. Also in the Economy class, but slightly larger, is the Renault Clio, a limousine that comes with unlimited free mileage included in the deal for £39.66 per day.

In the Compact class at Sixt Genova Airport customers will find vehicles similar to the Citroen C4 or the Renault Megane station wagon Navi. Both vehicles provide space for at least 4 passengers and plenty of room for luggage.

In the Intermediate range of vehicles customers will find the Lancia Delta and similar, while for a little bit extra, one can get a car with style and wonderful driving experience like the Mercedes-Benz B Class, which comes complete with satellite navigation aide. Larger families or groups of travellers will need more space and here Sixt car hire Genoa Airport can offer the Mercedes-Benz A class van inclusive of satellite navigation and the Renault Trafic van. Sixt prices quoted online include 21% value added tax.

In line with most other major car rental companies, Sixt has certain age restrictions in place. Students or young drivers should ask for vehicles like the 3-door Vauxhall Corsa, which drivers can hire from the age of 18 onwards.

For nervous drivers or people worrying about driving abroad, there is always Sixt’s limousine service, where the car can be rented together with a chauffeur.

There are few other car rental companies with as much experience in the car rental and limousine sector as Sixt. Founded as early as 1912, then based in Munich in Germany, the company has gone from strength to strength and now has franchise partners in some 90 countries around the globe. Sixt’s drivers are friendly, well trained and reliable and will escort customers to the destination of their choice in great style and comfort. The Sixt limousine service offers transport in limousines like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi or VWs.

Sixt also has a number of loyalty schemes available to frequent customers, who can benefit from cards like the Sixt Express service of the Sixt Card scheme. There are even gift voucher schemes, which allow customers to make a gift of car rental to someone special, perhaps to a friend or relative who has always dreamt of driving a chic cabriolet along the coast or a 4x4 vehicle in rough terrain.

For further information about Sixt car hire Genoa Airport, please contact the company directly on the above website links.

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